Visitor´s ABC

Visitor´s ABS

Some recommendations:
If you want fish – go to the barbecue oven
If you want to eat and drink – start from the bar

House rules:
When you have arrived at the barbecue oven, state your fish wish and you will be gladly helped,
if you have chosen to go to the bar instead, pick up a menu, order and pay, then, you will be given a table number and drinks will be poured. Take the whole lot and hope:

● a waitress has seen your table number

● for the cooks to be quick

● for the meals to be tasty

● for the drinks to be cold

● you have a good mood or a mood easily lifted

Two more things:

● please, leave drinks and food bought elsewhere in your car. You will

find everything you need at our place.

● Do not park your car outside of our territory on the left side of the road.

There is no parking allowed. If you do not obey this rule, you will cause

traffic jams and a mean angry man will come to give you a ticket and will

take away your car.

Have a nice stay!

From the staff of Hüüru Mill